How to install the IntelliJ Community edition:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the download button

Ubuntu 16.04

After downloading the tar.gz file unpack it and start IntelliJ:


After starting IntelliJ the first time a wizard will create an application shortcut for you. If that not works you can create a shortcut by doing that:

Now you can find the IntelliJ application in your Ubuntu application search bar.

And you can also pin IntelliJ now on our launch bar.


You can start a mysql server in a console with mysqld. This will start a mysql server with default settings. If you want to run a mysql server with special settings then you can use the defaults-file parameter to specify your configuration.

On ubuntu 14.04 with mysqld 5.5 I get a fatal error by using the defaults-file parameter. Continue reading