Sometimes you want to delete the mysql data folder. But the mysql server will not start after removing because of missing default tables and files. For this reason mysql offers a script mysql_install_db to create all necessary folders.

Create mysql data folder

We will stop mysql service, remove data folder and create a new one.

Possible output

Using parameter defaults_file

In some cases your mysql installation is not default and you want to use a special config with other parameters or you have multiple mysql instances running. In this case you can run mysql_install_db with the parameter defaults_file.

Issue on ubuntu with mysql 5.5

On ubuntu 14.04 and with mysql 5.5 I get this error:
Could not open required defaults file: /etc/mysql-1/my.cnf

Stopping apparmor will solve this issue.

Run mysql_install_db again.

Start apparmor again.

Issue on ubuntu with mysql 5.6

I get this error:

There is one file missing under /usr/share/mysql/my-default.cnf. Copy your my.cnf in place of this file.



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