Crazyflie Client & Crazyradio

To run the Crazyflie client on your Ubuntu 18.04 system without using the virtual machine from bitcraze, you have to do this:

Now you will see the client.

That is nearly the same as it is described in the github readme, but we are using here a python virtual environment with the benefit of not installing any python module on your system. I also fixed the following issue by installing the correct python modules.

If you can not see your usb Crazyradio as an interface then follow the next steps.


Plugin your Crazyradio to your usb port and check the settings.

As you can see without sudo you can not connect to the radio.

Run this to fix that.

Remove the usb radio and plug it in again. Now you should have access to the device without sudo.

Now turn on your Crazyflie drone, start the Crazyflie client and then you should see the interface.


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